The Relationships
Becca and Aiden
They believe they were saved by each other and are ultimately each other’s salvation. Becca feels, like never before, that she is truly loved, and Aiden believes he is the man he is, because of her. When the abuse begins, she sees herself as his rescuer, that he needs her support in order to get through this ordeal. He is lost and struggles to find a way out of his spiralling decline.
Caroline and Dad
She aspires to be like him, their relationship is precious. Due to inequality in the workplace, Caroline loses herself. Her Dad brings her out of the dark and enlightens her with the hope and love that she lacks. However, Alzheimer’s steals valuable time as it takes his freedom, integrity and intellect.
Evan and Alesha
Alesha is one of the few people who does not judge Evan; for what he wears, what he does, or how he conducts himself. Alesha is a free and inquisitive soul who feeds off Evan’s sensibilities. However, life gets in the way of their ‘happy place’ and we see their relationship challenged.
Paul and Deanna
Paul takes pity on Deanna and keeps her in his pocket. He doesn’t respect her way of life. Her love of art and sensitivity disgusts him. As someone who was taught how to read a room, Deanna feels lost in front of Paul. He becomes the personification of all her fears. Paul becomes desperate and looks to hit her where it hurts. The loss of control over a situation brings out the worst in people – and for Paul, it's sinister.
Mike and Aiden
Best friends since university, however life got in the way after Aiden got married. One grew up, the other stayed the same. Mike has always indulged in alcohol and narcotics, and led a hedonistic lifestyle, coupled with the culture of his job. A friend like Mike would test the straight and narrow path Aiden has now tried to establish.
Harry and Caroline
Battle of the egos - Harry tries to embarrass Caroline. He has all the facts and he wants to tease and have fun with his ‘victim’ before laying them out. Harry’s pursuit of truth tests Caroline’s status and the tension between the two understandably comes to boiling point. No matter someone's position or status, the truth will come out, and theirs heads will clash.
Evan and Becca
Becca and Evan had a difficult upbringing, with their dad leaving them at a young age and a mother who distanced herself from them due to depression, they grew up with just each other. Now they are very open and trusting of one another and Becca leans on Evan for support. He shields her as from abusive relationships, but in the end, not being able to help her is painful for him.
Lisa and Deanna
Worlds apart in their upbringing, meeting each other was not only refreshing, but life-changing. Deanna admires Lisa for her no nonsense, hard core discipline, but mostly, her self-acceptance. Lisa loves Deanna’s ability to constantly create and juggle work with her studies. She appreciates people who work hard! When Deanna experiences severe trauma, Lisa supports her without question, but cracks begin to show and their relationship is tested.
Caroline and Aiden
Their relationship is toxic – a battle of power. Aiden, to Caroline, is an obstacle, but she endures the challenge and makes it her job to not give into his suppressive behaviour. Aiden never takes her seriously, until it’s too late, although he, in some ways, is her teacher. She learns the tricks of the trade and what not to do as a hedge fund manager.
Alesha and Becca
Becca and Alesha met each other in university. They became very close and Alesha became Becca’s escape. Alesha didn’t need to escape – she was truly free spirited; but they did find their identity and purpose with each other. When they came back together after years apart, things are the same, but everything isn’t as seems and hearts are broken.
Aiden and Evan
Aiden reminds Evan of the toxically masculine figures that left his mother and bullied him as a kid. He is also the kind of man Becca always seemed to fall for in her youth. Aiden doesn’t trust Evan – he is always prying and tries to mould his marriage into what he is missing in his own life. They are forced to be civil with each other, for Becca’s sake, until suspicions become confirmed.