Robbi Stevens
Producer, Writer, Film and Theatre Director
Requiem For Tomorrow musical (Shaw Theatre), Flamingo Blues musical (Unicorn Theatre), 1963, They Had A Dream musical (Cochrane Theatre), Money: Power: Love plays(Camden Peoples Theatre), 180 play (Leicester Square Theatre) Gala Of Musicals (The Tabernacle), Promiseland play (Theatro Technis), Endurance, Through Their Eyes play (Tristian Bates Theatre), 2028 play (Camden Peoples Theatre), RISE play (Theatro Technis), LIFE play (Park Theatre), Through The Ages play (Theatro Technis).
Lockdown (Feature), Cultural Menace (Feature), Invalid Debris (Feature), Detention (Feature) Amoc (Feature) and many short films, music videos and documentaries.
Robbi Stevens founded RAaW in 2000, with the purpose of not only platforming actors into film and theatre with original cutting-edge work, but to primarily ignite a pathway of artistic excellence and positive change for young people in a bespoke manner. At the heart of every project or workshop Robbi produces, writes and directs, lies a humanitarian spirit and ethos. Robbi has continued developing her own projects alongside building up RAaW including her own acting technique – The Stevens Technique. This radical and organic technique helps actors to connect to their innate sense of self, emotional availability and fluidity, empathy and emotional availability. It is tribal and raw and taps into the warrior culture. Robbi has also written or co-written, produced and directed all of RAaW's feature films, short films, theatre plays, documentaries and musicals, celebrating four- and five-star reviews.