Kandice Morris
Assistant Director and Mentor
DATA (Camden Peoples Theatre), ROADS (Tour/Theatro Technis), Detention (Theatro Technis) and Pronoun (Arts Depot).
Exposure (Short Film), She’s Beautiful (Short Film), Awkward Stage (Short Film), Another Statistic (Short Film) Grass and Daisies (Short Film ) and Money (Short Film)
Kandice Morris is a director, acting coach and mentor at RAaW London's training arm and head agent of the agency, RAaW Management. She has known and worked with RAaW for over 10 years and trained as one of their students. Within RAaW, Kandice teaches about personal growth, self-discovery and understanding yourself as a human being before you understand what actor you would like to become. As part of being their agent, Kandice feeds back to the students, all the knowledge that is gained from working in the industry. Her aim is to mentor and teach actors who develop not only a rawness to them, who are aware of where their authenticity lies, but to develop a skill level and readiness to work that enables them to compete in this demanding industry.