Erim Metto
RaAW Company Director and Filmmaker
FILM INCLUDES: Cultural Menace (Feature), Invalid Debris (Feature), Amoc (Feature), I Used to Live in Cyprus (Feature Documentary) and many short films, music videos and documentaries.
Erim Metto, CEO of TCCA, first appointed Turkish Speaking Magistrate in the UK, chair of parent governors at award winning north London school, London Olympic torch bearer in 2012. Erim has been working with RAaW since 2002, with the focus of his work being on delivering films to help platform actors into the industry. As a humanitarian, Erim is drawn to stories that deliver a message and empowers the underprivileged. He finds RAaWs focus on cutting-edge work, allows him to be part of a team that has that ethos, concentrating on human rights, the understanding of marginalised communities and telling untold stories.