Isidora Fairhurst
Isidora is a young actor born and bred in North London. Passionate about acting, she has always found herself in the arts. Isidora has trained with RAaW London since 2014. Being involved in various projects, she loves a challenge and new experiences. You’ll also catch Isi singing whenever she gets the chance.
  • Tess, THROUGH THE AGES, RAaW Theatre.
  • Rosa, RISE, RAaW Theatre.
  • Gloria, FLAMINGO BLUES, Camden peoples Theatre.
  • Layla, RISE ABOVE, Fully Focused Uk.
  • Chole, RETRIBUTION, Metto Productions.
  • Mia, JEI MEI, RAaW Films.
  • Janna, AVAIL, Metto Productions.
  • Selfie Girl 1, GUMTREE 'THE NEIGHBOURHOODS GOOD', Outsider.
  • Gamer, FIFA 19, Strange Love.